Delicious Burritos and Tacos since 2005!

Join Chorizo Fresh Mex. Our passion for fun and flavour make us the go-to brand for those who crave adventurous, authentically Calexico flavours. 

 You might be a great fit with Chorizo Fresh Mex if you: 

• Are looking for a full-time, “hands-on” business opportunity. 

• Fun-Loving and energetic personality. 

• Have successfully managed your personal finances. 

• Are a results-oriented self-starter interested in starting and growing a business. 

• Are prepared to have no other active business venture.

The initial franchisee fee is $25,000 plus applicable taxes, with an ongoing 6% royalty fee and 2% co-operative advertising fund. 

The projected development cost is dependent on multiple variables and can have a wide range of development costs. We typically land between $275,000 – $500,000 for an all-in cost. For a general breakdown of costs, please fill out an application. 

Fill out the Franchise Information Inquire form below and a Chorizo Fresh Mex team member will reach out to you and let you know how to get started!

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